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released on Moshi Moshi Records in 2021


Mixing the noir surf textures of 1960s garage rock along with westcoast sun beaten harmony pop, the 17-track Badgers of Wymeswold was recorded at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester in February in the year before the start of the first UK lockdown. Pushing their sound forward, the band utilise their garage rock ethic and have both Drummer Dominic Brider and Rhythm guitar player Charles Watson lead on vocals across multiple tracks. The album sees a return of free form saxophone parts, eerie violins and piano. The extensive LP showcases their characteristic sound at their brightest, from softer ballads such as 'Poppies' and 'Silver Breasts', surf guitar rock anthem 'Locomotive Cheer', and to the six bar blues of smash hit single 'Pink Ice Cream'.